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Dion Mayne
Paul Richardson


Genre: Fantasy, Lust, Gold, Revenge

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Captain Calder Velden, a ruthless seafaring servant of the Secret Dutch Allegiance, had been summoned to serve his state in territories unknown.

1586AD his beloved homelands were under Spanish Rule, and there seemed to be no answers on how the resistance could end the tyranny. Backed by incredible wealth, King Phillip II of Spain had established a World Power hell-bent on conquering all known territories.

The Dutch Allegiance knew the Spanish had discovered an untapped source of wealth in the territories of Nueva Guinea. It was time to send their cut-snake captain to disrupt and cripple the southern supply of gold to the Spanish Treasury.

Calder was in command of the new stealth ship, ‘The Kharon’, specifically made for the mission. Christened after the mythical ferry boat of the underworld, she was to pursue, raid and pillage enemy merchant ships along the trade route south of Bantam and leave no survivors!

However the unpredictable cloak-and-dagger mission itself could not have foreseen the Captain and Crew being entangled in mass murder, hoards of treasure, discovery of new lands and revenge that would span the best part of twenty years.

Everyone knows you must be responsible for your actions; but when you mix gold fever, pride, revenge and the open seas then perhaps you may be forgiven for forgetting your responsibilities.

In the case of The Kharon and her crew’s greed, wealth may just play second fiddle to survival.

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